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Potential Wikipedia Articles/Edits

Video Games as an art form is a page I stumbled upon recently. I’m particularly interested in the topic because I am an avid gamer, and I’ve come to really appreciate the story offered by RPG’s or even simpler moralistic narratives within shooting games or other genres. While there is already existing information, much of it is before 2013, with the vast majority of articles being cited before 2009. Considering the evolution of gaming in only 6 years let alone 10, I believe that the article can be updated to accommodate that time span. I’ll probably try to look into some VR games that offer a very optical experience, as well as magazines and gaming websites.

I was also interested in editing the Mystery Spot location in Santa Cruz. This is a tourist attraction in Santa Cruz that features some psychological tricks and weird phenomena with gravity/leaning and center of mass. However all I saw on the page were opinions bashing the idea that it was anything more then a psychological trick. I was curious to see if there were any other papers or articles that gave any credence to there being some sort of scientific phenomena there.

A completely nonexistence article that I think would be interesting is the play el corrido de Jesus Pelado Rasquachi. This is a play about somewhat mythical figure of a Mexican migrant who suffers many symbolic and literal dangers as he attempts to make it in America. Ultimately I think that considering the current climate makes this an article worth considering, and also as a play I can probably find reviews and sources that go deep into motivations and history of the story in order to make a comprehensive Wikipedia article.

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  1. Lawrence Hanley

    I like all three topics – – the last one especially looks interesting. But . . . try an evaluation (in your Wikipedia sandbox) for your top candidate. Onward . . .

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